okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money


Fire Emblem prints I’ll be selling at Fanime!

I’ll be at table #817 with Ybee and Rachiwi.


"babe wake up we gotta watch yugioh"

メレンゲ - "あの夜明け前の" 僕らについて
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Ping Pong The Animation ED 2 / Episodes 5 - ?
Thanks for always lookin’ after Ryuunosuke! I’m his big sis Saeko!!
pfff oh my god youre so short

GASP how dare you >:[ come down here so i can punch you

im 161,5 actually aND THAT HALF CM IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME bc my mom’s shorter than me but my brother is way taller cries

HA then im taller by like 1 cm feels so good to be tall how is the weather down there shorty B^)

what the heck i thought you were taller than me but we’re almost the same lmao

omg why im the shortest person in my family after my cousins but they are like 12